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Kakheti is one of the famous winemaking region in eastern Georgia. Telavi is the capital and an administrative center of Kakheti. Region unites eight administrative districts, which are all unique and interesting in its own ways. All eight regions, Telavi, Gurjaani, Kvareli, Sagarejo, Dedoplistskaro, Sighnaghi, Lagodekhi and Akhmeta, are rich with cultural heritage as well as a breathtaking nature. Unique nature of Kakheti is preserved in protected areas. It is not a surprise that Kakheti is a region with 3 national parks and 4 protected areas, one of which, Lagodekhi, is the first established protected area in Georgia. Kakheti is a great place for agricultural, cultural and wine tours.


Some of tours in Kakheti will include famous touristic attractions, like:


Telavi and its surroundings - is a capital city and administrative center of Kakheti region. Telavi with its surroundings is rich in historical, architectural and natural monuments. While visiting Telavi you can visit some of its famous destinations. Tsinandali, a beautiful museum with amazing gardens and wine tasting tours. King Erekle Museum, a fortress and residence of King Erekle II. Gremi, church and a fortress ruins that once was a center for cultural and religious life in the region. Old and New Shuamta, architectural complexes situated in a middle of a forest and surrounded with an amazing natural monuments. Alaverdi, a cathedral built in 11th century and Ikalto one of the most important cultural and educational centers of 11th and 12th centuries.


Davit Gareja - is a rock-hewn monastery complex in Kakheti. It is known not only for its architectural and religious value but also with its unique geographical situation. Davit Gareja is situated on Mount Gareja and is surrounded with half-desert slopes, it is a very rare and unique characteristic of this touristic destination. Complex includes number of caves, cells, churches and chapels.


Sighnaghi - is Georgis smallest town, but it is a very popular destination amongst tourists. Its amazing and unique architecture as well as beautifull view on Alazani Valley will make you fall in love with this small town. In fact Sighnaghi is called a city of love due to it’s romantic and colorful streets and picturesque landscapes.


Lagodekhi National Park - Unique place for nature lovers and ecotourists. Lagodekhi National Park was opened in 1912 and was the first protected area in Georgia. It is known for its reach flora and fauna as well as animal life. It has several touristic routes you can enjoy, like tours to waterfalls, lakes and camping sites.


Kvareli – Is a town in northeast Kakheti. The aria it occupies is considered as a center of the Kakheti wine-producing region. Town itself is known for its authentic wine, Kindzmarauli. It is a great place for wine tourism, where you can visit several wine factories and have wine tasting tours. Kvareli is also famous for it’s lakes and beautiful resorts.